When Software Attacks!

Calling Application Insights API using Powershell

If you have an application, instrumenting it with something like Application Insights to emit useful data is something I cannot espouse the benefits of enough. As a service, however, Application Insights can offer other benefits, such as Availability Tests to tell you if the application is accessible to your users. The default approach to availability tests is to create cloud-based probes that regularly call your application from different regions of the globe to make sure it responds and assess how long those responses take.

Configuring BizTalk 2020 Application Insights telemetry behind a firewall

BizTalk 2020 allows you to connect it to an Application Insights instance, where it will send tracking data as customEvents so you see what’s going on. However, getting it working in an environment where security is important and the network team want to open the fewest paths through the firewall as possible is an exercise in patience. This blog post is as much aide memoire for me as an information post for you.