When Software Attacks!

HTC Touch Diamond on Orange

Thanks to the advanced notice from Tracy and Matt’s blog, I picked up my HTC Touch Diamond yesterday from the Orange Store and it’s great! ‘But wait!’ I hear you cry, ‘didn’t he go on about the experia x1 and how he wanted one?’ Well, yes, I did. I admit it - I am fickle in my affections.Since I wrote that post, I have spent time considering what I want in a phone and size has become a significant factor.

Blogging On The Move

We try to dogfood here at Black Marble so I’m writing this on my HTC TYTN. How? With Richard’s new app

The XPERIA X1 - A Windows Mobile device that I could really get excited over

Before I joined Black Marble I had a succession of Sony Ericsson smartphones - the P800, P900 and finally a P910i. They were great - the size was good, the UI was good, the handwriting recognition was excellent (with a grafitti-style interface that meant I could really get a good turn of speed) and I could work most functions one handed with the fabulous Jog Dial. Please note that the jog dial was sadly emasculated with phones after the P910i when Sony Ericsson foolishly reduced it’s degrees of freedom to simply rolling back and forth and clicking.